Our Fees



  • £12 per session – non-funded child
  • £12 per session - additional sessions once funded or funded elsewhere
  • £3   per Breakfast club & Afterschool Club 
  • Late collection - £3 for each 15 minutes late



Please ensure all fees are paid directly into our bank.


At the beginning of each term you will receive a termly invoice.  Your child’s reference number and our bank details can be found on here.

We do not expect the statement to paid in whole at the beginning of the term.  However, this invoice gives each parent the choice how far advance they wish to pay, either weekly, monthly, or termly.

For example – if you are paid monthly, we ask fees to be paid monthly in advance.


Fees are payable in advance not in arrears.


We do not charge for any days we are closed, for example, inset days, bank holidays, snow days


We do still charge for your child’s session if they are off sick, day off, on holiday or for any other reason they are not in. With exception to a child in hospital.


If your child is receiving funded hours and chargeable hours, we require you to tell us which hours are funded and which hours you will be charged for.


Any queries with your child’s fees, please email us and we will endeavour to sort the query out without delay.


Overdue fees

We will not allow fees to be more than 3 weeks in arrears.  Once they reach 3 weeks in arrears, we may remove the sessions and offer them to another child on our waiting list.  However, this is something we do not like to do.  If you have any difficulty in paying fees, please do speak to our setting Manager either in person or via email and we will do our best to help resolve any difficulties or queries.



We send out text messages to parents to tell them what they are owing in outstanding fees or a general reminder what fees are due in for that week’s fees.


Childcare Vouchers

We accept childcare vouchers.  We are currently set up with the following providers:

  • Sodexo
  • Computer Share
  • Kiddicare
  • Childcare grant payment service.
  • If your childcare voucher company is not listed, please speak to us as we may be able to add them.
  • Child Tax Free Scheme