Nursery Education Funding

3 & 4 year-old Funding


In the term after your child’s 3rd birthday, all children are entitled to 15 hours free funding from the government.


Our Terms run:

Autumn:     September to December 

Spring:       January to March 

Summer:    April to July


Birthday cut off dates each term are:

31st December

31st March

31st August


I.E – child’s birthday 5th October, the first term after this would be the spring term (January)


2-Year-Old Funding


We accept funding for 2-year olds.  2-year funding works exactly the same as 3-year-old funding.  2-year-old funding is dependent on your personal circumstances and if you meet the criteria set by the government.


To apply for a code please visit  or speak to our Admin officer who can help complete an assisted claim with you.


Funding cannot start until we have confirmed they are eligible for funding.


If you are not eligible for 2-year-old funding, fees will apply until they become eligible for 3-year-old funding.


30-hour funding for 3- & 4-year olds


All Children will be entitled to 3 & 4-year-old government funded 15 hours per week, from the term after your child turn’s 3 years old.  Just before your child reaches this age, or when you start, you will be asked to complete a funding declaration form to allow us to claim for these hours.


Some children will be eligible for 30-hour funding.  There is a criteria to be met for this.  We will require a code from HMRC to add to your child’s funding. 


To apply for a code, please visit: 

Once you have your code, please provide it, along with your National Insurance number for us to complete a check on it and add it to your child’s funding.


We must have a valid code the term before your child is due to receive the additional funding.  Ie. Child turns 3 years old in October, therefore entitled to 3-year-old funding in the following January.  If they are also eligible for 30 hours funding the code must be applied for and passed to us before mid-December.


HMRC require parents to re-confirm their details every 3 months to keep their code valid.  We will also send text reminders asking parents to ensure they have done so. 


Any codes that become invalid, will have a ‘grace period’.  At the end of the grace period, if you still require the additional sessions, a new code must be applied for, decreased hours or we will charge for the additional sessions.


Failure to attend sessions


If your child fails to attend pre-school for three consecutive weeks without notifying us of a valid reason, their name will be removed from our register.


If your child is ill for a long period of time or going on holiday please let the pre-school know so their name does not get removed from the register.


Each term we complete an audit of the children’s attendance, if there are any days/ sessions that are not being used then we will ask if you would still like theses as the council ask that we stop them if you don’t.  Southampton City Council will not pay for hours that are not being used.