fees & funding

2 Year Old Funding


We accept children that are eligible for 2 year old funding.  If you think that you are entitled to this please apply on line at:



Please supply us with your reference code once you have this.  We need to have your code before your child can start their sessions with us.

3 & 4 year old Funding


All Children will be entitled to 3 & 4-year-old government funded 15 hours per week, from the term after your child turn’s 3 years old.  Just before your child reaches this age, or when you start, you will be asked to complete a funding declaration form to allow us to claim for these hours.

Some children will be eligible for 30-hour funding.



30 hour funding 


There is a criteria to be met for this.  We will require a code from HMRC to add to your child’s funding. 


To apply for a code, please visit: https://www.gov.uk/30-hours-free-childcare.


Once you have your code, please provide it, along with your National Insurance number for us to complete a check on it and add it to your child’s funding.


We must have a valid code the term before your child is due to receive the additional funding.  Ie. Child turns 3 years old in October, therefore entitled to 3-year-old funding in the following January.


If they are also eligible for 30 hours funding the code must be applied for and passed to us before mid-December.

HMRC require parents to re-confirm their details every 3 months to keep their code valid. 



From April 2023

  • £15 per session – non-funded child

  • £15 per session - additional sessions once funded or funded elsewhere

  • Breakfast club & Afterschool Club £4 each

  • Late collection - £4 for each 15 minutes late