fees, funding & waiting list



Non-Funded Session £12 


Additional Session/ funded at another setting  £12


Breakfast Club £3


Afterschool Club £3


2 Year Old Funding


We are take children that are eligible for 2 year old funding.  If you think that you are entitled to this please apply on line at:


Please supply us with your reference code once you have this.  We need to have your code before your child can start their sessions with us.

See our pre-school


30 Hour Funding 

In the term after your child turns 3 years old they may be eligiable for 30-hour funding.  To find out more please visit:


Please supply us with the 30 hour code the term before you will be using it along with your National Insurance Number.


Childcare Vouchers & Child Tax Scheme

We accept childcare vouchers, if you would like to pay for your childcare using work-based childcare vouchers please let us know.  We also accept payments via the Child Tax Scheme. Please supply us your reference number.



Please click on the 'Waiting List' list to download a form and return to us to add your child to our waiting list.




Contact us and we will get back to you soon